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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

The game engine we use, Unity, collects information such as device identifiers, Ip address, country, and other device information. In addition to the Unity engine, we use Unity analytics, iAP and Unity ads, which also collect device end user data and events completed in game, such as level, experience, and user reports.

For more information on the data gathered by unity services please see Unitys privacy policy, listed below.

We use Third Party Playfab services to allow players to save their progress across devices as well as manage in-game purchases. Players can optionally link their google profile to their Playfab game account. Playfab services will collect name, email, Ip address and device identifiers to identify players. More information at

How do we use this information?

We use non-personal information collected to improve our games and overall player experience. Unity Analytics provides important insight to in-game patterns which are then analyzed and used to improve gameplay.

We use personally identifiable information such as names and emails to communicate and provide services to our players, such as providing support through email or identifying users in game.

What information do we share

We collect most of our data through third party services. These services have access to the information as described in 'What information do we collect?'

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